Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it Tuesday Again Already?

Apparently if you only post on your blog on the day you picked to weigh in, your blog becomes a weight blog.

So, here we are again on Tuesday. I'm beginning to really not like Tuesdays. I guess writing to you guys is not embarrassing enough, because this morning, my scale read the holy crap, you need to really get moving number of 160. That's my alarm weight. My "I don't need to put another morsel in my mouth" weight. I put on my comfy pants this morning and they weren't quite as comfy.

I will get on the treadmill tonight! I will!

I can't believe a few months ago, I completed not one, but two half marathons. I would absolutely DIE now if I had to do that tomorrow and really, that's just pathetic. All that training, just gone.

A remember a lesson at church that we can't wait for the motivation to come in order to act, we have to act and with that the motivation will follow. I need to act. I will act.

Anyone with me?


tamara said...

Okay - I am going to give it a try. I don't know how I'll do, but I have to do something. Like starve myself.

Rebecca said...

Funny you mention this today. My scale showed a "holy crap" number this morning as well. Even after I had been on the treadmill yesterday, and eating better since Brent's gallbladder surgery (because he has been eating better). I have got to get it in gear!

Chelle said...

Tell me about it; I am thisclose to admitting defeat and embracing a fat ass. I feel your pain.

carrie said...

I have hit a "holy crap' number, too. I have begun eating better and exercising. Why does it have to be so hard?