Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

As it was cloudy most of the day yesterday, I didn't think we would have the best view of the lunar eclipse, but the sky opened up as night approached and I was able to get some really clear shots.








The boys were in and out of bed looking at it till about 9:40 and then when I went to see if they were still awake around 10:00 for the full eclipse, of course, they had fallen asleep. I promised them pictures though.


Rebecca said...

Those are really good pictures! I am going to post the ones I took later, but don't laugh at them compared to yours.

Mom said...

Those are good. I forgot about it. You are a good mommy.

tamara said...

You got some great pictures. We didn't even look. And yo uknow I had my kids in bed long before you did!

Dixie said...

I soooo wanted to sit out and watch so that I could get pictures, but I thought I better not since I had a test today!

Great photos!!

Kristin said...

We forgot about it even though a friend called to remind us at dinner. You were a very good mommy to let the little ones stay up - I just wouldn't have had it in me after teaching Elijah's class at church that night, if we had remembered, that is.

Chelle said...

Awesome photos! I totally missed it and would have liked to have seen it.