Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life with Shey

(On the way to Peyton's baseball practice last night)

Peyton: On Saturdays when we go to
Shey: On Saturdays when we go to

P: Mom, on Saturdays when we
S: Mom, on Saturdays when we

P: Ugh, Mom (really fast) on Saturdays when we go to
S: (even faster) onSaturdayswhenwego

P: Shey! Stop!
S: Shey! Stop!


Mom: Shey, stop.
Shey: Sheeeey stooop

P: (bravely trying again with a bit of a whine) Mom, on Saturdays when we go to
S: onsaturdaysjfdkfnff (He quits making sense at this point, kinda like Steve Carrol's character in Bruce Almighty)

P: (half laughing, whining, crying) Mom! When we go to
S: (screaming) MOM! WHEN WE GO TO

We finally arrive at the field. I don't think Peyton ever got the whole sentence out.

The Blur


At Peyton's soccer celebration


Rebecca said...

That was my good laugh for the day. Don't you just love them!

Anonymous said...

I love them...All.


That was hilarious

Kristin said...

We second children really LOVE to get to our older siblings. I feel sorry for Elijah at times, but not for Kevin as I still LOVE to get to him. Especially since it's a rare treat that something I do will really get to him.

tamara said...

Oh the joys of a second child!