Tuesday, February 05, 2008

10 to 15

I'll admit it, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I devoured all the books, twice and my mom and I made it a point to see each of the movies through The Goblet of Fire in the movie theater. Due to scheduling conflicts, I wasn't able to see The Order of the Phoenix on the big screen, so when I saw it playing on Pay Per View, I TiVoed it right away.

I saved it though, had to have the right time to watch it. Preferably alone, and at night so I could take advantage of our big screen TV and surround sound. With Larry out of town, last night was perfect. The kids were actually asleep by 9, so I settled into the couch and let the movie begin.

May I just say that Daniel Radcliffe as turned into quite a hot fine young man? The broadness of his shoulders emotions onscreen were just phenomenal. The chiseled way his face character responded to the situation at hand left me a little breathless overcome with emotion. I was amazed at just how sexy good he had become.

The movie itself was also very entertaining. I know they can't cram the whole book into 2 and a half hours and they chose plot and character development wisely. I recommend renting it right away so you can drool enjoy Daniel Radcliffe and his fellow companions as well.


tamara said...

I mean he does look better, but he is still Harry Potter. And still very young. Is there something we need to talk about?

Wonders said...

Harry's HOT? Funny...my daughter is on the fifth book, it's so cool to see her reading them!

winslow1204 said...

I love finding good books that I can just read over and over. Sadly, I never have gotten into Harry Potter, maybe I should try reading the books:)

Rebecca said...

Brent and I just saw it not too long ago and I was surprised at how much "Harry" had changed.