Monday, January 12, 2009

One of Those Posts that Probably Only I will Care About

I am not a biter, per se, but more of a picker. Once my fingernails reach a certain length, I will not leave them alone and then they peel on the sides and I generally end up either tearing them or cutting them down. I will admit that while watching a movie and I will pick so much that they will all be to the quick before the 2 hours is up. Our wedding ceremony was probably the last time that they all had any decent length to them and even then the sides were all filed at funny angles in an effort to keep the overall length.

At the start of December, I cut my nails all off and then, since they were short, I promptly forgot about them. Around Christmas time, I noticed they were all getting some length to them and then I tried to forget about them again. This past week though, I can't ignore it any longer. It feels weird when I type and I can actually scratch an itch with every single one of my nails. Since my nail beds sit so far back on my fingertips, they still barely reach the end of my fingers, but they are all uniformally pretty long. The most even and long all ten of my nails have been in my 31 and 3/4 life. I'm so proud of them and I can't stop looking at them, which may just be their demise, but at least for this week, they look good. And even though no one else probably gives a rip about my nails, I am still posting pics here for prosperity's sake.

If my MamMaw had Internet access and read my blog, she would appreciate it. Probably my Grandmother as well, as she always told me I would get worms from chewing on my nails.


Chelle said...

They look beautiful-you have a nice shape to the nails; I'm jealous :)

tamara said...

They do look great! And so healthy looking and shiny. Are they buffed or polished or something? I can't let mine get long either. They just drive me crazy. Keep them... they look so good. Be proud, sister.

Anonymous said...

Your nails look really good. Start getting manicures, it will help with strength and growth.
Miss you,
Tina <3

SuZ said...

Oooh, purdy.

Lately my cuticles are all digusting. And they are driving me crazy.

If only I had your willpower.

Rebecca said...

I think your post made everyone reading it look at their nails. At least I did.
They look really good!
Now where is my nail file?

carrie said...

I am the opposite. My nails grow incredibly fast so mine stay too long. Mine are always mishapen. Yours look very good! Keep up the ignoring!