Wednesday, January 28, 2009


***Alert! This is a random, nonsensical entry. Welcome to the weirdness in my head.***

When I read mom's 25 things note that has been circulating around Facebook, one of her last things stuck in my head and got me to thinking about numbers and connections. Her "thing" was "I will pick odd numbers over even numbers all the time. Guess my favorite number." or something close to that (work security prohibits me from accessing Facebook). I'm pretty sure my mom's favorite number would be 7 and even though I would pick odd numbers over even as well, my favorite number is 4. (hello, birthday is 4/4.)

Anyway, so here we go.

My mom's birthday is 1/7. My dad's birthday is 5/7. Almost every month on the 7th, I think I am missing some body's birthday. My birthday is 4/4. Tamara's birthday is 11/4 and my cousin's birthday is 10/4. Larry's birthday is 10/22. My friend, Suz's birthday is a combination of mine and Larry's being 10/4.

Confused yet? Ha, I'm just getting started.

My friend, Kristie is also in October, as is Rebecca's. Actually, just a day earlier, Rebecca's, that is. Kristin's birthday is also in November, like Tamara, and 2 days earlier. My friend Kristen from Florida, is one month to the day before mine, so add another to the column of those having a b-day on the 4th. Then there is Craig P, who we all went to school with, who shared my b-day, only born a year earlier. I guess, technically, I share his birthday.

Sandy, one of the girl's who ran the race with me, has the same birthday as Peyton (5/22) and if you are keeping track, that's also the same month as my dad. Shannon, the other runner, celebrates her day in December, just three days after Shey.


I've even had two people that I knew die on my birthday. Lila, a family friend of my great-grandparents and Wade, who we went to school with and was cousins with Craig P from above.

My wedding anniversary is 8/7 and my friend, Nazreen's b-day is the same day. And. . .there's another 7.

Does any of this even really matter, or make any sense? Not really, but I do think it is interesting. I kinda feel like Jim Carey in that movie The Number 23.

Oh, and I didn't even get into Larry's side of the family. His mom's birthday, his parents' anniversary and Larry's birthday are all within 3 days of each other. His uncle and grandmother share a birthday with his brother's falling a day after, I think.


Who needs the economic problems of our country when you have date connections to think about?

I think I need to go lie down.


tamara said...

We are soul sisters. And now I have written proof. We are linked by the craziness in our heads. And I did not realize that he died on your birthday. No wonder why I dream about him so much.

Chelle said...

I analyze numbers in my head like that, often. But, my personal favorite number is 23.

Both kids were born on the 23rd and, my super-awesome-best-crush ever was a college basketball player whose jersey number was 23.

I have other reasons but, I'm too lazy to expound at the moment :)

SuZ said...

This is all some clever ploy to tell us your birthday so we all send you gifts, right?


Ha ha ha... he he he.

Way to sneak mine in there too, maybe I'll get gifts as well.

He he he.

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

You also forgot that you were born in '77. So you, daddy, and I all have 7s. Seven is a holy number (can't remember what it stands for, but it is all through the bible). And 3 is the number of completeness like the Trinity. The thing that bugs me most of all is your 4 plus me and dad =6. AAAHHH! Don't ever think that I'm not wacky three! -Mom