Monday, January 19, 2009


Last Thursday night, I woke up to find a dead arm attached to my body. You know how it is when your arm is SO asleep that it's useless. Just hanging there all cold and yucky. As I attempted to stretch it out so the blood would start circulating again and waiting for the unavoidable pain of my limb being brought back to life, I wondered what it looked like. My arm has never been that asleep while I was awake, only in the middle of the night with all the lights out. Does it look any different? Is it blue like your finger turns if you wrap a string around it?

The next morning while I was reliving the sleeping appendage in my head, I thought back to a time in middle school when my legs were both so asleep I was almost late to my next class because I couldn't walk. We were in Ms. Tarrance's English class and for some reason we were watching a movie, or maybe it was the Conjunction Junction videos, you know, the Grammar Rock or whatever it is called. Anyway, I was sitting cross legged (or criss-cross apple sauce) on the floor and Jon H and Scott G had their heads in my lap. Can I just tell you I was in heaven? I was.

While both of those boys considered us good friends, and I think Scott even thought of me as a best friend, I was head over heels in love with them both. I would have walked to the moon and back for the chance to "go with" one of them. I remember one telephone conversation when Scott was "going with" Marie and he was moaning about something she had done and he said, "It's too bad we are such good friends." Basically saying we couldn't be more because of that. Oh how distraught I was and so mad at Marie for acting that way to him. ha ha

So I sat through that movie with those two boys with their heads on my knees and let my legs go numb. I probably would have stayed like that all day if Ms. Tarrance would have let me.

Funny the things we remember.

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tamara said...

We make ourselves martyrs early on in life, don't we?? I wish you were close today!! I miss you, my dear friend!