Monday, September 08, 2008

High School Pics

I was going through some old photos the other day and found these three that I thought I would share. I have more and now that I know my scanner works, I will post them sometime.

Here's Tamara. I think this was at one of our graduation teas. Remember how crazy we went? EVERYONE had a tea!

Here's Jonathan and Kristin WAY before she became 3 for Momma! I think this was at Winterfest.

And here's Carrie and me. I think this was at Winterfest too. I'm not sure why I look so serious. ha ha Look at those eyebrows! Whenever I look through old photos of myself, I never freak about my hair, but I do always want to go back and wax my eyebrows.

I know I have pics of Rebecca too, but for some reason, there weren't any in the pile I was looking through. I'm going to pull out my chorus album and post some of those. That should be fun!


tamara said...

Winterfest... oh, the memories. I love how Brian J. is in the background of the last photo. To be young again. Well, maybe not.

Rebecca said...

Oh the memories!!! In some ways it seems so long ago, and in some ways it doesn't. Love the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the sultry. I miss those brows.

carrie said...

Those are so funny! So many things have changed for all of us. Some days I miss the times of few responsibilities, but then I remember all of the drama! Thanks for the laugh. By the way, Winterfest is still a big hit with teens. It is huge now, though.

Kristin said...

We were such babies back then and we didn't even know it. For the most part I'd much rather be almost 32 that back at 17. And by the way, I did not have a graduation tea. But I'm over it now. Or am I?