Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greater Things

25 years ago, in the home of a Coral Springs couple, Coral Baptist Church started with a few dozen people. Today, Church by the Glades hosts almost 4,000 members, has 6 services a weekend, celebrated almost 1,000 baptisms in the last two years and is ready for a bigger building! We are literally busting out of our auditorium.

I'm not sure I can really explain how amazing the growth of our church has been without having you live in South Florida for even a month. People, we are not in the Bible Belt here. We're more the stinky feet. But the pure excitement reverberating from our little corner of the world is awesome.

A couple of weeks ago, we started a new series, "Greater Things" to gear us up for the hard work ahead. The building we are shooting for will take 15 to 17 million to build. It will take 8 million just to get started. We are asking for a miracle and I am asking for your prayers.

Last night, we held a special song and prayer service to lift our request to God and thank Him in advance for the blessings He is going to rain down upon us. There were hands raising all over the place and the Holy Spirit was among us. For the last prayer, we went outside where the footprint of the new building was waiting for us in candles.

You can barely go anywhere in our town without seeing a Church by the Glades window decal and now we all have yellow bracelets as well to remind us to pray. Pray we will.


fred said...

Hi Erika!

I am glad you were able to make it last night! It was a special night. I will definitely join you in prayer. Hope to see you this weekend!

Kristin said...

Erika I am so, so happy that you have found a wonderful church family to belong to. It sounds amazing. I will pray for God to do a mighty work there. Have hope - God's hope does not disappoint.