Wednesday, September 17, 2008


With Larry out of town, I've been taking care of some miscellaneous decorating stuff that I had been putting off. When we were in Nashville a couple of months ago, my parents took the boys to the museum and they painted with watercolors. I really liked the end result, so I had them matted and then framed them.

Here is Peyton's. I think he made a mistake and was going to color it all black, but I'm glad he stopped. That would have made for a very dark picture. He says Grandmommy and Poppy took the good one home. I told him it looks like a water scene and the dark is a rock. He agreed that that explanation would work.

Shey had a long explantation explaining his picture, but when he rambles like that, sometimes it is hard to understand him. The side of his picture was torn purposefully, and I hate that that didn't show after I had them mounted.

I also took picures of Peyton's walls. The boy will hang anything and everything on them. I use painter's tape, so it comes off easily. It's actually pretty cool and he groups his different items together so well. I took these last night while he was sleeping.


carrie said...

What were you doing in Nashville? I do love the art work. I had Todd and my nephew color pictures when they were 3 with the colors in my mom's house and gave it to her for X-mas. It is one of her favorite things and people comment on it all of the time!

Chelle said...

I love the kids artwork. You have two very creative sons and they are going to thank you for showing such pride in their work on down the road.

We have several pieces that The Girl did when she was around four or five hanging in her bedroom and they are still my favorite pieces of artwork in the house.

I doubt I will ever take them down.

tamara said...

Peyton's room is too cute!! He really does love to hang things. I think it is sweet, though. it means he really takes pride in certain things and that he knows what he likes in life. And I love the watercolors.

SuZ said...

Love them both!! I also tape things to my walls in groups too. :) He's just creative. :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Peyt the "good one" is hanging in grandmommy's kitchen.