Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Last night Larry and I were eating a late dinner and the boys were sitting on the couch watching TV when Peyton turned around with the blanket around his head like a shawl and made a funny face. It struck how big he is and I had a momentary lapse of reason when I longed for a baby.

Peyton is such a unique child/person that I don't even know how to describe him. He seemed to go from baby to child. There really was no in between and we've always treated him older than he is because he gives that impression even though his actions are still that of someone his age. See, even that didn't make sense. Let's see, he's always been smart, but Shey has too, and Shey still acts like a baby, or has babyish ways about him at 3. Peyton never had these baby ways. Sometimes he is very affectionate, but other times, he holds back. Like when he does programs at school and such, he acts embarrassed already that we are there.

I think all this is why it is hard to parent him at times. Sometimes he is so very reasonable and willing to help, and other times he is just downright confrontational. It's always extremes with Peyton. The boy came out of the womb high maintenance.

I worry for him as he ages, his extremes and what they will mean.


tamara said...

Perhaps he will loosen up with age. Maybe he is just aging backwards. Hopefully, he will even himself out. Madalyn is up behind my back as I try to type this. Lovely.

Rebecca said...

Why is it that two children can come from the same womb and live in the same house and be so different? Does anyone have that answer?

Chelle said...

Peyton might just have an old soul. Which means he will be a very sucessful adult who will take awesome care of you in your old age.