Friday, March 21, 2008

4x4 Meme

Anne tagged me to complete a meme and it's Friday, so I have agreed. Also, she has a wonderfully huge house for sale in Minnesota, if anyone is interested in moving there and freezing their tushes off.

4 jobs I have had (I'll try to offer new ones than last time): Gift wrapper at x-mas time, salesperson at an eel skin store (those were both with the same guy), Assistant to a lady selling health insurance out of her house (that one sucked big time!) and I worked for about a week, well long enough to do the training, at McRaes before they went out of business. I actually skipped town on the last one to come see Larry and called them to quit.

4 places I have been: Alaska, Mt. Rushmore, Bahamas, Yellowstone

4 shows I watch: Lost, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Grey's Anatomy and The Office, oh and Biggest Loser Couples

4 foods that I like: I made these awesomely delish jalepeno, cream cheese and bacon apps from a recipe from The Pioneer Woman last night and they were YUMMY. I like hummus, hamburgers and fish as well.

Yay for Friday! Happy Easter everyone.


Rebecca said...

I love love love The Pioneer Woman! I made her big salad the other day and it was yummy.

Chelle said...

So, tell me; if we decide to do the Bahamas thing, where should we go?

tamara said...

Eel skin? I mean, do you mean foreskin? Hey, I've had two margaritas. Forgive me for the raunchy comment.