Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Weeks and Two Days

Even though she is only two weeks old and her head wobbles unstable on top of her body, I can already feel Elizabeth's body making the transition from newborn to baby. At 1:00 am this morning as I patted her back, willing a burp from her mouth, she felt sturdier, her back broader, just a tad heavier and I tried to sear the memory of her smallness in my brain.

The boys look like giants now. Almost grown. And I've been trying desperately to recall their first days to little avail. I remember moments and I see snapshots in my mind, but they are fleeting and I'm left with gaps in my memory. Peyton pulled out the photo album that showcased his first and second years and I had a brief a-ha as I thought to myself, "Oh, there you are." My chubby faced first born.

As much as I'd like to stay home and watch all my babies, I know I will have to go back to work, at least for a little while. So for now, I am trying to capture every moment, enjoy every sigh and big, baby yawn. And pictures, I'm taking lots and lots of pictures.


tamara said...

It's really not fair to make me tear up at 7:45 in the morning... love you, and her too, though I haven't met her yet!

carrie said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I am right there with you. Luke is able to sit in our laps and have great control. He is not a newborn at all anymore. Time is moving too quickly with all of my boys. I guess we have to savor our time and pray lots for their future. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Never read your posts before....working from home in my last days and opened it today. You just made me sob!!!!! I will try and remember all those moments with Dylan and treasure the first few weeks with this new little one. I do remember, those being my favorite with Dylan. Glad you are cherishing the moments and memories you are making! Heather

Kristin said...

Miss Elizabeth is so beautiful. Already that sweet face is changing. I feel your sadness... know all too well the intense desire to etch memories of the newborn in my mind. They are too fast, for sure. Grab hold and savor what you can, knowing that with each day she will bring more joy, give you even more of her to love.