Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swing Batter, Batter

**Edited to Add** Well, we received the email for the team and he didn't make it. It's ok though, I hurriedly printed out invitations for his Birthday and we'll go see Shrek instead. :) Thanks for the well wishes.

Peyton had try outs last night for the All Star team, or as they called it, the "Select Team" ooooohhhhhhhh . . . .

In all honesty though, it was an honor. There are about 125 kids in the league and he was one of 26 or so that were picked to try out for the 12 player team. While he wasn't on the low end of the scale, there were a few kids who were definitely better than him, so I don't think he will make the team. But that's ok. He didn't play last year, so this is really his first year as an older child and he's done unbelievably well. Especially considering we don't get out and practice with him and his coaches aren't the greatest.

It was actually pretty crazy how good a couple of the kids are. One little boy, who goes to school with Peyton and his mom and I are somewhat friends, is just amazing. I would say he's probably even Bandit material. ha ha This little boy, D, hit almost every pitch thrown his way and fielded like nobodies business. But then again, he plays for the City and on a traveling league, so they are at the field 6 to 7 nights a week. That's just insane. I don't know how his mom does it.

What really cracked me up though, was some of the parents, these are even parents that I know, they were almost biting their nails watching their sons try out. Like it was the end of the world if their child didn't get picked to represent our City in this tournament. Maybe it's because Peyton's not so intense about it, that I'm not, but I don't think so. You know, have fun with them, get excited for them, but please remember they are 7 and 8 and this will probably not be their life long career.

So they are going to post the results tomorrow afternoon and we will see. Peyton asked 'what happens if I don't make the team?" I said, "well, you just don't get to play that weekend and we celebrate your birthday instead." And he seemed ok with it. He may be disappointed, but I don't think he'll be too upset over it. We have decided to sign him up for Winter Ball though, which I've been told is a lot more organized and better coached. And he still wants to play soccer, so we are definitely taking this summer off! Momma needs a break.


tamara said...

That's the best part about them when they are young - you can easily divert them to something else if they don't win or make the team or whatever. Hope he makes it, though - mainly just because I want you to have to go to a big tournament and experience the INSANITY!!!! ;)

Rebecca said...

I hope Peyton makes it. If not you can give the speech about trying your best, etc. At least that still works on Brooks. I could just say, "You want to play the Wii?" and he will forget about whatever is troubling him.

carrie said...

Good luck to Peyton. I am with Rebecca, the Wii works wonders in our household!