Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost has become Lost

*Disclaimer: If you don't watch Lost, feel free to leave now.

Many better authors have penned pages upon pages on all the hidden meanings, clues and lessons behind the brilliant show that is Lost, so I will not attempt to add my two cents as I generally just watch the show for enjoyment and then glean any extra tidbits from scouring the Internet. I do, though, have to comment on the last two episodes, "Across the Sea" and "What They Died For."

While "Across the Sea" was informative (some what) and interesting (I guess), I felt it totally broke the stride of the season. In "The Candidate", we lost three beloved characters and then they interject this slow paced, set way back in time, allegory surrounding the myth of the island and the origins of two characters that, while somewhat essential to the overall story, are not the audiences' main focus. If they would have placed this episode near the front of the season, I may have been ok with it, but maybe not.

The more I think about the show starting with season 1 through season 6 as a whole, it seems to be "Lost" itself from the original intentions. I realize that when a creator begins a project that they may have no way of knowing exactly where it should go, but somewhere the stories of the characters were forgotten and instead this game being played between two men that started thousands of years ago became the main focus. And while those who study the show keep touting that the main theme is redemption, that lesson has been set aside as well. It seems the main theme now is protecting this holy light that radiates from the center of the island that we, the audience, just learned about one episode ago. (And yes, it's as weird as it sounds if you continued to read this if you haven't watched a single episode) WTF? (What the Face?! ha ha Modern Family shout out)

I wish the writers would have taken last night's "what They Died For" dropped the sideways story and injected flashbacks of Jacob and the MIB's origin. Then they could have taken the sideways story from last night and paired it with the island story for a new episode. You know, like the characters dealing with the deaths of three people who had been with them since the beginning!?! Or something. It's just really frustrating that with only 3 hours left, the writers throw a sleeper of an episode in there.

Right now, I'm at the point where I'm ready for it to end already. Let's see the big finale and then get on with our lives.


Chelle said...

I agree with a lot of the points that you make. You have to agree, however, that Sawyer is hawt. If there is any redeeming quality left to this show, it is the fact that Sawyer is hawt.

Rebecca said...

I know nothing about Lost. So I will just take this opportunity to say "Hey!"

SuZ said...

Yup, I never watch Lost... I don't have a show that I watch religiously. I'm lucky if I remember to turn the TV on at the end of the day! :)