Thursday, May 20, 2010

And one more Lost observation

And, here's my other issue/question . . .

It really makes no sense for The Mother and MIB to be the Adam and Eve Skeleton. It is obvious that the smoke monster re-inhabits MIB's body because of the conversation Jacob and he have on the beach as the Black Rock approaches, which occurred long after his body was killed and Jacob laid the two of them to rest in the cave. So, we are to believe that the smoke monster got back into the MIB's body, ran around the island for a while and then laid back down at sometime to become the skeleton?

I think it made much more sense for the skeletons to be Rose and Bernard's bodies after the hydro bomb went off.

Ok, I know there are a ton of other questions that will not be answered and most of them I can live with or have forgotten about, but that break in continuity just really bugs me.


tamara said...

This whole Lost thing has just really gotten to you, hasn't it, my friend? That's why you should just stick to he basics - like Grey's, which I haven't watched in like 5 weeks anyway. In other words, I'm really glad I don't watch Lost.

Rebecca said...

Please re-read your first sentence again and think of it from the standpoint of someone like me, who has never watched the show. It makes it really funny!
When Brent's parents go to Indonesia this summer they are going to go buy some DVD's while there. (They are like 50 cents each.) I thought about getting them to buy all of the Lost seasons.

Dianne said...

I don't think the smoke monster had to actually inhabit the body. He could just take the form. If you remember after he took the form of John Locke, John was still in the casket on the beach when it fell over and he spilled out. I have watched Lost for all 6 years and really think they could have come up with a better ending other than they have all been dead all this time, just have not gone into the light yet( as said on another show.