Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whatcha Been Up To?

Well, thanks for asking. Larry and I have been crazy busy lately and I'm not even sure with what. It just seems like I haven't had time to stop and breathe in the last few weeks and now March is almost over. Our cruise is in a week and a half (!!!) and there is still so much to be done.

Sunday, we worked on the backyard. A month or so ago, we pulled up the old wood tie rails surrounding our screen enclosure (I would link to those pictures, but I can't even access my own blog at work) and then laid the edgers. We also had added a traveler's palm to the back corner and we going to try and create a sitting area. We finished that up this weekend and added a hedge to the area around the pool.

New sitting area

There are all kinds of plants in the corner that should hopefully grow and fill in the area. Plus, I planted lavender, which I hope will smell up the area and attract butterflies. As you can see, Shey is enjoying it already.

Chillin' Shey

I couldn't get a good shot of the hedge because the sun was going down, but here is the overall backyard from our back door.

Our new landscaping

We also bought the two palms in the planters. Our own little get away. I love looking out there. It calms my soul.

Our bottle brush tree is also in full bloom and the boys discovered that it's a pretty good climbing tree.

Climbin' Shey


It's their Giving Tree.

Just a swangin


carrie said...

Nice work! It looks very peaceful. I love the look of palm trees but can't have them here. Where are you going on your cruise?

tamara said...

It looks great!! I know you are excited to go on your voyage. I am thinking of hiding out in your luggage.

Anonymous said...

It looks really nice. Not as cute as the boys though. :) M

SuZ said...

I am so jealous. :) Makes me want to sit out there, listen to Bob Marley and relax. :)