Saturday, March 14, 2009

Greetings from Alabama

The boys and I made it to Alabama safely on Thursday with little incident. Thankfully, the flights were both on time and even a little early and the boys were for the most part well behaved. My bestest bud,Tamara, was kind enough to pick us up from the airport, so we were able to spend a few hours together before my dad picked us up from her house.

We were just hanging in the living room when Shey came out of her son's bedroom and told me he had put some lipstick on. I looked at his lips and they did seem to have a whitish haze on them.

"Lipstick?" I asked. Not freaking too much because I know Tamara's kids don't have cooties or anything.


"Where did you get this lipstick?"

"Back there. It's purple!"

"Ohhhh, why don't you bring me this purple lipstick."

Shey sashayed back to the bedroom and walked back out with a tube of "lipstick" and handed it to me.

I started laughing and held it up for Tamara to see.

It was a glue stick.

Between chuckles, I said, "Don't put your lips together!"

I wish I could have taken a picture of him standing there trying not to close his mouth. It was priceless.

Now we're just hanging out at my parents' house. It's kinda nasty and rainy. We went to the zoo yesterday, which was fun, but my legs are worn out. A few friends and I took one of those bootcamp workout classes on Tuesday night and I am still paying for it.

All right, gotta go, the kids are trying to kill each other.


tamara said...

Actually, my kids do have cooties. Lots of them. Hope you guys are having a good time!!

SuZ said...

How fun!!!!

Enjoy your trip!

Chelle said...

Are you going to be spending time with Tamara? If so, have a drink for me!

Enjoy your trip :)