Monday, March 02, 2009

And . . .I made it

Aside from the cold, pelting rain and the 26 mile an hour gusts, the run was ok. The first few miles were rough because my stomach was bothering me and I had a stitch in my ribs, but once that calmed down, I felt pretty good. Then miles 8 through 11, the rain came and went and the wind took my breath away, but it kinda added an element of entertainment and helped get me through. Overall, even though I feel like I've been beat by a stick an ran over by a semi, I'm glad I did it.

There was a van on the side of the road playing Christian music and the guy was dancing around cheering us on. It was very uplifting and I was choked up for a bit. On the flip side, there was a man also standing on the side of the road with a microphone shouting at us on the horrors of hell that had the exact opposite affect. I just question the man with the microphone's thinking and how he believes that scaring someone will bring them to God.

On another note, I was on about mile 9 when the marathon winner was on about 25. ha ha But honesty, I was on one side of the road as he ran towards me and it was truly amazing. The speed of which this man was pushing his legs was crazy! and that's after 20 something miles.

A little bit after that, the female leader was running by and she was going super fast as well. A guy near me kept pace with her for about 100 yards, but then he was done. Imagine running that way for 26 miles. Amazing.

Even though I feel kinda beat up today, I am still excited about running in the races and I'm going to look for some shorter ones to do since the season seems to be over for Florida as its going to start getting hot in the near future.


SuZ said...

WOO HOOOOOO!! :) :) :)

I'm so proud of you! And so jealous! :p

Chelle said...

I am in awe. Seriously, I ran less than two miles yesterday and, today, I WANT TO DIE.

You are my hero.

carrie said...

I agree with you on the hell yelling. That serve no point. There was a time when that was the way people approached others. We are so far past that time. I am impressed with you in your run. Keep it up!

tamara said...

I don't know how I missed your post this week. You KNOW how proud I am of you and your running adventure!! And jealous, but I'm over it. Can't wait to see you next week!!!