Friday, October 31, 2008

Pimping Amy

Chubby Girl Running aka Amy is exactly the kind of blog I was looking for when I had the idea for pimping blogs. I stumbled upon her as I did a Blog Crawl yesterday, and now I am going to work my way through her archives.

Not only is she a highly entertaining writer, but she just completed her first half-marathon, which is a huge inspiration to me! I am not a runner, yet, well, maybe I am, but I still don't feel like it sometimes. ReadingAmy's blog is just the encouragement I need.

While I love the friends I am training with, I feel like they are just speeding right along and I'm going to keel over at any minute. I think Amy and I could have a good run together, then kick back and drink a beer afterwards.

Even if you aren't into running, Amy's writing is fun and full of real life. I look forward to going through all her archives and I'm excited that there aren't years and years of them so I may actually be able to get through them all!


Amy said...

Thanks so much for pimping me out!! I've got to admit, it brought a little tear to my eye when I read it. Chocolate commercials do that to me too :)

Posey said...

So glad you pimped Amy. I love reading about others running adventures.

Jillian said...

Yeah, Amy - you got pimped! Your blog is definitely entertaining, insightful, real, and motivating...and I'm not just saying that because I'm your sister! You rock!