Friday, September 07, 2007

Our life (in bullet points)

- Already had a conference Tuesday with Peyton's teacher. Apparently, last week, he was hitting kids whenever they bothered him and talking excessively. This week, he didn't hit anyone, but is still talking excessively. I consider that an improvement.

- I also found out that this is his teacher's first year teaching and there are a large amount of boys in kindergarten this year. Great.

- Shey is potty trained. Whoop.

- Bathroom, still not done. Not whoop

- I think the anti-depressants are working, but I am just bored with work right now. I'm really ready to be a school mom.

- Huh, that's all I can think of. (see above bored)


TNMomof5 said...

Sounds like over all, things are going well :)

Chelle said...

They don't like it when I talk too much and hit people here, either. I know! I'm like What?! too.

Seriously though, that is a normal part of being a boy in a classroom overrun with other boys and it sounds like he's already phasing out the inapropriate behavior so he's light years away from me as far as THAT goes.

And, yay! on the potty training and meds!