Tuesday, April 10, 2007


My parents and Larry's parents gave me money for my birthday, so the search for the new handbag was stepped up a notch. Larry and I were at Off Saks yesterday, and I found this beauty. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but I just love it. It's huge! I'm not normally a big purse person, but I will adjust. haha Since we bought it at Off Saks, it was already discounted, and they are going on sale next week, so I can take my receipt in for an additional 20% off. Sweet!

One more reason that turning 30 has been a-ok.


Chelle said...

I TOLD you! Sweetest decade of your life. Word.

carrie said...

I like the purse. 30 is looking up..new earrings, nice purse, what else will be added to the list?