Friday, April 06, 2007

Every Day Should be Your 30th Birthday!

My Birthday in photos . . .

Happy 30 to me

We started at a pottery place, where you paint and they fire and glaze it. I was using elements for my chips and dip bowl, so the outside "vines" will be brown and the inside 30 will be an earthy blue. (Hopefully)

After a couple of beers

We then went to Cheesecake Factory for, well, cheesecake. This was after three beers, and the martini on the table. Woohoo for birthdays!

It's a Surprise!

It's a Surprise! Larry surprised me at our favorite restaurant with a group of our friends.

Kristen and me

My friend, Kristen and me. She hates getting her picture taken. And yes, that's a glass of wine (in case you are keeping track)

Larry and me

The man who planned all this. Also, did you notice the sparkle in my ears? Apparently, diamonds are a 30 year old's best friend.

The crew from work

The crew from work. I like the picture because I look about 12 here. ha ha

Yes, that's a real carrot

This is the Easter carrot, which needs to be passed away as quickly as you get it. I left it with the bartender.

We're in the bathroom!!

However annoyed we get with Amanda and the camera, we will miss her when she moves.

The first shot (of 3)

A red headed slut. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there were no pictures of the beer before, or the two jelly belly shots afterwards.

Not me, but how we were all feeling at the end.

Although this is not me, this is an adequate picture of the end of the night.



mama.smythe said...

Great pics, poor carrot... :)

Dixie said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks like you had a ball!

Smiling Mom said...

Thirty is fun! I enjoyed mine a few months back too! Happy Birthday :-)

Chelle said...

That wine glass was YOOGE!! Like, giants would drink from it! I want one.
Oh yeah, and I'm glad you had a great birthday, welcome to the greatest decade of your life, girlfriend!