Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here and Now

It's been so long since I've sat down to write. Blog post or anything else for that matter, that I'm not sure I remember how. Where to begin . . .

To put it bluntly, this year has sucked. Big time. As good as last year was for me, this year has been ten times worse, emotionally. Every time I think I'm coming to the surface for air, something else grabs my foot and pulls me under the waves again. I've been sewing a lot and I started back exercising over a month ago in an effort to improve my mood, between those two activities and taking care of the family and somewhat cleaning the house, little time is left for anything else. (I have to interject here that Elizabeth just farted really loudly. That made me lol, she continues to be a source of joy even through the despair.)

I have been doing some reading, most recently Love Wins by Rob Bell and now The Gospel According to Jesus by, um, well, it's in my reading room and I'm too lazy to go look. I'd like to sit and write all my thoughts on this newfound quest of knowledge, but for now I'm just going to ease back into this blogging thing. Let's just say I'm finding people that can intelligently articulate thoughts I've had for years and have the Biblical and historical knowledge to back it up. It's very freeing. It's Good News, in fact. I recommend having open conversations on these matters without judgement whenever possible. It's highly stimulating.

I think I'm going to try and write here more often, record my thoughts as I read through these books and Testaments. For now, I need to put the children to bed.

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tamara blair said...

Well I for one would love to read your thoughts. Not that I don't hear most of them over the phone, but reading them is another way for me to stay connected to you, my bestest friend!!!!