Friday, November 12, 2010

Shellac Nails by CND

My fingernails have always given me grief. They are flimsy, take forever to grow and don't hold polish for anything. About a month and a half ago, I went into a new salon for a pedicure and noticed a brocure for Shellac nail polish by CND. I had heard about this before, but hadn't been in a salon where they actually utilized the new technology. I went back 4 weeks ago to try it out.

The process is really simple and much like a regular manicure. There's no filing of your nails like with acrylics or gels. The only difference is that in between coats, you place your nails under a UV light for about a minute or so. That's all.

Here is a picture of my nails on Tuesday.

Ta Da! They still look almost as good as the day I received the manicure, except for the growth at the bottom of my nail and if I would have picked a lighter color, that wouldn't even be that obvious. My nails have held up better than ever and actually have some length on them now. I'm finally going today to have them done again because I can't take the growth anymore. It's like a reverse French manicure.

In reading reviews, the average cost is $10 more dollars than a regular manicure. My salon charges $30, which is normally more than I would spend, but since it lasted a whole month, it was worth it. Especially with the holidays coming up. I love having nice nails without the damage of acrylics.

CND didn't compensate me for this review, but if they'd like to send something my way, that would be cool.


tamara said...

I have never heard of this... probably because I don't go to salons or nail places like ever. I wouldn't mind spending the money for that if I had something special coming up... they look great!

Anonymous said...

I lOvE tHeM!:)

Gabi Savage said...

Have you kept them on for 4 weeks? I am getting mine done on Monday, after long consideration, and am really curious to see how they come out! :)

Erika Kaplan said...

I went to the salon about 3 times for it and the first time it was great, but the next two didn't last as long. I heard that if you have dry nails it works better. I eventually bought my own kit to do it at home and it will last a week or so.

K Bow said...

I love the shellac nails as well. I will be getting a touch-up at the 2 week point to cover the new growth. The great thing is they are your own nails :)