Monday, November 08, 2010

Second Play Off Game

Well, our poor little Orioles were pitted against, I believe to be, an undefeated team yesterday afternoon and needless to say, we were not able to beat them either. Rumor had it, all but two of the players are also on traveling leagues, so these kids are always at the ballfield.

Their first batter hit a long drive to left field and was able to get all the way home before we got the ball back in the infield. And that's about how the day went. We tried our hardest, but by the 4th inning, they were up 14 to 4, so the game was called.

It's so nice though, our guys were ok when the game was over. No tears or kicking and screaming and the parents gave them a standing O for their hard work. We have another game tonight. Hopefully, since we drop to the loser's bracket, we'll be a little better matched up.


Rebecca said...

They deserved that standing ovation!! Good Luck in your next game!

carrie said...

Hope things go better for them tonight! It never seems fair when it is so mismatched!

tamara said...

You know how those travel ball kids are...... always at the stinking ball park....... Good luck tonight!