Thursday, September 16, 2010

How Things Change

I remember in Junior High, some friends of mine discovered that a holiday named Yom Kippur was coming up. We thought it was a great sounding holiday and so fun to say, so we made signs and hung them up in our lockers celebrating Yom Kippur. I don't remember now if we ever looked up what the holiday really meant. I don't think so.

How funny when 15 or so years later, I met and fell in love with a Jewish man and now I really do "celebrate" Yom Kippur. I put it in quotes as Larry's family are not Orthodox and while practicing Jews use the Day of Atonement for fasting and praying, we just get together with his family and have dinner. Sometimes his parents will go to synagogue and his father may read prayers before dinner. It is very interesting to read about though.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I could make a great revelation about the holiday. How it would do us all good to take a day and reflect. But honestly, I'm really tired and my brain isn't thinking too clearly.

It just struck me this morning as funny. I was leaving the boys' dentist and the lady who checked us out said, "Have a happy holiday this weekend." and I automatically knew what she meant. That's life I guess. Always changing.

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tamara said...

A day of fasting and praying actually sounds like a great idea for everyone!!!