Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday - My First Valentine

When we were in 4th grade, a new kid started school with us. A little guy by the name of Jonathan Gray. He later became known as J Gray, but that year he was still Jonathan. For some reason, even though I was taller, bigger than most the kids and had a haircut like a boy myself, Jonathan took a shine to me.

It's funny now to think about it. In fourth grade, boys and girls were still kinda scared of each other and I don't remember Jonathan and I talking about him liking me, or "going together" or even hanging out period. However, it never failed, every holiday, he would bring me something and Valentine's was no exception.

If I remember correctly, it was a shiny red heart box of chocolates.

After fourth grade, Jonathan lost his crush and even though we graduated together some 8 years later, I don't remember us ever talking about fourth grade and all my presents.


Kristin said...

How did I never hear about this sweetness? Sounds like he was smitten.

Chelle said...

I love stories about first crushes. I'll never forget mine, his name was Darren Koretko and for Christmas one year, he took a ring out of his mom's jewelry box and gave it me. My first diamond! My meddling mother called his mother and I had to give it back but, still!

Rebecca said...

How sweet!

tamara said...

I so don't remember J Gray in 4th grade... but I was only there for half the year, so maybe that's why. Too funny! He's on facebook, but he doesn't have any pictures up.

carrie said...

First loves are so funny!