Thursday, January 07, 2010

Needing a Bigger Bed

There are so many schools of thought and opinions when it comes to the subject of the "Family Bed." Some people say absolutely not. Some share their bed with their kid for years. I never try to argue with anyone when it comes to the sleeping arrangements of their household. I know what has worked for us and Larry and I are both good with that.

We've always pretty much had an open bed policy. When Peyton was a baby, he slept with us a lot. I would put him to sleep in his crib, but he was a notoriously horrible sleeper and generally in the middle of the night would end up in our bed. When I was pregnant with Shey, I was too tired to fight the bed battle, and he even started out the night in our bed. We eventually moved him to a big boy bed and the nightly visits dwindled dramatically, but then we had another new baby who crept into our bed.

Now that Peyton is older and roughly the size of a grown adult (hello, giant child!), his treks into our bed have all but diminished. He'll still come in sometimes in the early mornings, but it's rare.

Shey though still sneaks in pretty regularly. Thankfully, he has learned to go to Larry's side, so while Shey is becoming a horrible bed buddy, at least I'm not aware of it. Well, until the three of us all end up on my quarter of the bed.

Sometimes though, like early, early this morning, BOTH boys worm their way in and we all fight for a spot to lay.

I know these times are rapidly coming to an end, and while I may bitch about the lack of sleep, I can't help but love the time we are all together. I feel like with Larry and I working full time and the boys being so busy with sports and school, that nighttime, even when we are asleep, is a time we can all reconnect. I hope the boys remember these snuggle sessions with fondness and know that even when their parents are fussing at them, that there was also so much love that we sacrificed our sleep for them. And Lord knows, as well as most my friends and family, how much I LOVE my sleep!

And when they come out with an Emperor size bed, we will be the first in line!


tamara said...

It's just another excuse for you to catch a little nap... which you love so dearly as well!! Madalyn visits us once a week, and she takes over the entire bed, as any good princess should. :)

SuZ said...

Awwwww... I love the family bed. Ava has been in our bed all week because of the damn cold. I love rolling over and seeing her adorable face. She won't be doing this forever so I just cheerish it. Of course I'll be in line right behind you for that big bed once the second baby comes along. :)

Chelle said...

Embrace it while you can; the Cub and The Teenager have been long gone from our bed for ages now and I miss their warm little bodies every night.

Ok, maybe not EVERY night but, a little cuddle now and then wouldn't KILL them.

Amanda said...

I love the family bed now. Sometimes when Julia is asleep in her cosleeper I just want to pick her up and snuggle with her. Sometimes I secretly wish she would wake up so I would have to console her by snuggling in the bed. Before I had a baby I was anti-family bed but now that I've felt the bond between a family sharing a bed I will never have any quams again.

Luckily for you your family bed will now be around a lot longer!@@