Monday, January 04, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's funny the things you remember and that stick with you over the years. Little inconsequential conversations that play through your mind when certain external forces bring them to the forefront of your thoughts.

One little memory of mine that always surfaces when it is cold outside is from elementary school. I think third or fourth grade during the winter months when we were all bundled up in our warmest coats walking across campus to the high school library. We ran into Mr. T, the chorus and Bible teacher, outside and he was dressed in a thin long sleeve shirt, with a sweater vest, a woolen cap and a cup of coffee. I'm not sure who started the conversation with him, but someone asked, "Aren't you cold?" Mr. T, who always appeared to know everything, told us wisely that as long as your hands, feet, chest and top of your head were warm, that the rest of you would be too. He explained how the heat escaped from these extremities and made you feel colder.

(I wonder if that is how football players stay warm in the sub-zero temps? Their helmets and padding keep their heads and chests warm and most of them wear gloves for their hands. Just looking at their bare arms makes me shiver.)

I wonder why that conversation with a high school teacher on a cold winter day made such an impression on me that I've remembered it all these years? Now I have a hard time remembering what I did last week. ha

We had a great, relaxing holiday season. Not too crazy with no big plans. Actually, the most exciting thing that happened was Peyton finally decided he was ready to learn how to ride his bike and once the decision was made, within 10 minutes, he was off on his own. Turning and stopping and starting, acting like he had been riding for years. It's been so long since he learned something new like that that I had forgotten that Peyton has to make up his mind before he does anything, but once he does, it just comes to him. He caught on so easily that Larry and I just stared, amazed at him. He can be such a great kid. I pray that I show him that on a daily basis even when he is trying my patience to the limit.

I'll try to remember to bring in my camera to work so I can post some pictures tomorrow.


tamara said...

Mr. T really did always appear to know everything, didn't he? Remember how he swore (well, he probably didn't swear) that if you massaged that certain part of your hand a headache would go away... funny the things you remember...

Rebecca said...

That is too funny! Did you know that Mrs. P (our 6th grade teacher) is the one who works in the Library now.

SuZ said...

You know, I'm praying Ava will be like that with potty training. One day she'll look at me and say I'm ready. Of course, it could be when she's ten... but when she does I WILL BE READY!