Monday, August 24, 2009

The Wedding

So, Saturday I was able to check a life experience off of my list that I didn't even know had been there before: Officiate a Wedding.

That really sounds weird. In the great State of Florida, all one needs to legally join a man and woman in marriage is to be a notary public and I just happen to be one. My boss, Jim, and his fiance' asked me about a month or so to do the honors and I happily accepted.

If you remember, Jim went in for routine hip surgery last April and almost died, so it is a miracle that he is around, much less getting married. I've worked for the same company for almost 10 years and Jim and I have gotten close over the years. I always joke that he is my Florida dad and his fiance', Linda, is just great. She is so much fun and loves life.

To say I was honored that they asked me to marry them would be an understatement. I just didn't want to cry through the whole thing. I was really happy with how the ceremony turned out. I nearly lost it in the beginning, but pulled it together and made it through without any more almost hysterics. haha

Everyone was so complimentary afterwards. It was cool that they actually seemed to pay attention. I kept the actual ceremony to about 10 minutes, so it was long enough to have some meaning, but not too long and everyone, including the bride and groom thought it was perfect timing.

We had a great party/reception afterwards and my feet still hurt from dancing so much.

Cheers to the happy couple!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! You go baby girl! You're the best and I love you! :)

tamara said...

Yes - that would be one of those things on your list that you didn't even realize was on the list. I know it meant so much for them to have you do it! I knew you would do great!!!

SuZ said...

Gotta love the notary! I married my BIL and his wife in my house, barefoot. :)

carrie said...

I am sure you did great! I don't think I could do it, though.