Friday, August 28, 2009

Ode to the Foundation Brush

Oh, Foundation Brush!
How I have under appreciated your awesomeness all these years.
Thinking you were simply a paint brush for schlacking foundation
Upon One's face.
Never realizing that you are really a great tool of smoothness,
a master of creaminess and a cannot live without arsenal of Perfection.

Thank you, kind, kind, Estee' Lauder artist.
Thank you for your patience with my children
And the introduction of the Holy Grail of
I am forever in your debt.


Chelle said...

Really? The foundation brush has always intimidated me. I have fully embraced the slanted eyeliner brush and am now lining my eyes with shadow rather than pencil, though and I LOVE it.

What is the secret for using the foundation brush? Ooh, ooh, ohh, I know!! You should TOTALLY do a demonstartion video!!!

SuZ said...

Makeup? What the hell is makeup?

I'm pretty sure if I knew, people wouldn't scream and run in fear from me, huh?