Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Belize and Miscellaneous Pics

When we stopped at Belize, due to the large barrier reef, we had to tender in to the city. The one thing we really didn't like about cruising was all the hurry up and waiting. We would hurry to the meeting station for our excursions or to get off the boat, then we had to wait to be called, then wait some more in the hall to get to the gangway, then wait some more to actually get off the boat. Larry doesn't do well in those kind of situations and him being agitated, made me anxious and then we would both just be ready to BE OFF THE BOAT ALREADY!

Ahem, anyway, Belize City was totally set up for the tourists and considered the best shopping port. We grabbed the kids early that morning so they could walk around a bit before Larry and I went snorkling that afternoon.


Waiting for the tender.


Waiting On the tender.


We got to the city so early, we didn't get a chance to eat breakfast, so we stopped at one of the only resturants there and all they had at that time were french fries. But let me tell you, those were some of the best french fried EVER. I think we had 3 plates of them.


I was so scared the boys would tumble over the wall behind Shey. We were on the second floor and the chairs were taller than the wall!


Overview of the city.


Heading back to the ship to drop the kids off at Kid Camp and off to our excursion. I can't say enough about Carnival's kid camp! The kids were a little relunctant at first to try it, but after the first time, they asked us to go. We normally kept them during the day, then dropped them off for dinner and a few hours. One night Shey asked what they were having for dinner and after reading off the list, he said, "I am going to have french fries and grapes. (pause) They let me do that." I said great and sent him on his way.

I don't have pictures of the snorkling. Larry's brother bought an underwater camera, but I don't know if he got it developed yet or not. Belize has the second largest barrier reef next to Australia. We were taken about 30 minutes the opposite direction of the city to a little island. There you had the choice to snorkle off the beach or off a boat. We chose the boat because then you swim to the island with the current.

There was a family on the boat with us with two little girls. The youngest wasn't any older than Shey, may have been younger and the oldest wasn't much bigger herself. When I saw them, I assumed that the girls had snorkled before, but when the tour guide asked for first timers, they both raised their hands. Hello, parents! What are you thinking!

So when you snorkle, you have a life jacket, your mask and a snorkle. Oh, and of course, fins that make you very awkward. Add to this that when you snorkle off a boat, you have to jump into deep ocean waters that have waves 2-4 feet and it's a little scary. When I first jumped in, I lost my breath and paniced for a few seconds just trying to get my bearings.

Try to picture this, the dad jumped into the water first. Then the tour guide took the little girl by her hands, swung her out over the water and dropped her. Can you say FREAK OUT! And can you also say, STUPID PARENTS? The little girl had a death grip on her daddy and was SCREAMING.

Her daddy then had the nerve to tell her that if she wanted to go back on the boat, she would have to go alone. I wanted to smack him. I don't care how much my boys may have said they wanted to snorkle for the first time off a boat (and they didn't), I would have never done that. I know I've done some dumb things parenting, but I thought that topped them all by a country mile.

I caught a glimpse of them later and I couldn't tell if it was the little one, or the older sister, but she was clinging to her dad's back. I don't think he got much snorkling in.

And with that, I leave you with a monkey we picked up in Belize



Chelle said...

Wow, those parents, just....wow. My kids are excellent swimmers and have been since they were toddlers and I still wouldn't toss them overboard into the ocean. Good lord.

I'm glad you guys had such a good time, though :)

SuZ said...

We went snorkeling in Key Largo once and I was scared stiff. Miles from anywhere, I was thinking a shark was going to eat me!


Yeah, bad parents... bad bad bad.

tamara said...

Screw Belize or the snorkeling - your boobs look awesome in that bathing suit. You can tell what is priority to me these days.

marie said...


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