Wednesday, December 17, 2008

100 Quarters

Monday night, Peyton brought home a plastic container from school that he was to fill with a number of the same items and his classmates were going to estimate how many there were. Peyton wanted to use coins, so we set out to count 100 quarters (his number of choice) to place inside the container. About 45 minutes and four metally smelling hands later, we had accomplished the goal and the container went into his backpack for school.

Last night, while I was cooking dinner, I asked him where the quarters were and Peyton casually replied, "I gave them to B." I about choked, "You what?" He had the good graces to look a little abashed even though I know he didn't understand and he said again, "I gave them to B." I stared at him hard and asked exactly what had happened.

On the van from the Elementary School to the Afterschool, he was showing the quarters to his friend, L, asking her if she needed any of the State quarters. She said no, but then B just asked for the whole bag and Peyton handed them over.

I did not get angry with Peyton. It was mostly my fault for allowing him to take all that money to school, but I really didn't think about it. I knew his teacher would keep it till the end of the day, and I didn't even consider aftercare. I forget too that while Peyton can be a turd at times, he has the most generous heart and would give anyone anything they asked, especially his friends and older kids.

B is in 5th grade. My problem was that while I know Peyton doesn't get how much money 100 quarters is, this 5th grader should have known better. He's tried to take things from Peyton before and just little things Peyton has told me does not leave me with a great impression.

You know, I don't want Peyton to be a stingy miser, but I don't want him to be walked all over either. I told him that while it is ok to give your friends money for things like ice cream and such, I really don't want him just giving bags of money away. I also wrote B's parents a letter explaining the situation and asked the director of the aftercare school to give it to them. Even if we don't get the money back, I think his parents should be aware of the situation and have a sit down with their son about taking advantage of a first grader.

And I, for one, will never let my son take that much money to school again. Lesson Learned.


tamara said...

I agree - a fifth grader definitely should know better. If Peyton ever wants to carry 100 $100 bills to school, give me a heads up, why don't you.

carrie said...

Isn't it sad that an older kid would take advantege of a young child! I hope you get your money back. If I were that 5th graders parents, I would give it back to you out of my own account. Let us know if you ever hear from them.

Chelle said...

You'll have to update us on this one-I'm really curious to see what the kid's parents do.

I know what I would do and it consists of paddling a certain small butt for sure.

Rebecca said...

I agree, we are going to need an update.