Friday, December 19, 2008

100 Quarters - Update

So Wednesday, when I went to pick the boys up from daycare, I talked to the director, who is also my friend, and she said that she didn't give the note to the parents, but talked to B who downplayed the whole thing. He said that it was just some coins (uh, 100 of them) and that Peyton said he didn't need them anymore. Which I can totally see, because that sounds like Peyton, but STILL. Anyway, B said he would bring them back in on Thursday.

I still think his parents should have been made aware of the situation. I know I would have liked to known about it, but like I said, the director is my friend and I didn't want to push that line. Whether Peyton offered the money, or B asked for it, I would still think at 10 or maybe even 11, B should have known better. But then again, he is a kid still.

When Peyton got home last night, I checked his backpack and the money was there. I didn't give it back to Peyton thinking maybe I should go ahead and take it the bank and put it in his account.

I think I'm the only one who learned a lesson here, but that's ok. I need one of those every now and again.

We are leaving in the morning for GA and then AL and don't get back to work until the 30! Yay!

Happy Holidays everyone if I don't post before then.


tamara said...

That's the thing about being a parent - you just kinda learn as you go. And I am always surprised myself that there are things left out there to surprise me (if that makes any sense). Have a safe trip and a great holiday with the fam!

SuZ said...

Enjoy your trip!!!! :)

Chelle said...

I agree, the parents should have been notified. Anyway, maybe the boy learned a lesson, let's hope.

Enjoy your trip! Be safe out there.

carrie said...

I am glad you got the money back. I am like you, I would have wanted to know if Todd or Jackson did that. Have a great time with your family!