Monday, December 31, 2007

All About Me - by Shey

One of my mom's oldest friend's daughter, Ella tagged me back before Christmas to write a bit about me and since mom is WORN OUT from vacationing in Disney last week, I decided to post the last entry of 2007.

1. I just had my first staring appearence in our Holiday Program at school. Another little girl and I danced to a cool song by Sean Paul and then a few more kids joined us to do the Penquin dance. We knew it was a hit when all the moms and dads laughed as we turned around to shake our bottoms at the audience.

2. I am a momma's boy through and through. I express my feelings by telling daddy quite freqently whenever he tries to help me, "I don't like you." I think I am starting to wear mom down, especially when I pitched a fit at the entrance of Sea World because she refused to carry me anymore.

3. I am content to play by myself if my brother will just leave me alone. I like to pretend and play with my trucks. I also like to sing.

4. I think I am pretty smart. I know my colors, shapes, numbers to 10 and left and right. Mom says I also color almost as good as Peyton and I'm starting to write my name. Of course, I also think elephant and lion is spelled "shey" so I guess there is room for debate.

5. While at a nice restuarant in Orlando, I spilled a whole glass of Sprite right in mom's lap. Although mom's seat and pants were soaked, the server was very nice and said it was "ok". Now, I've learned that whenever I do anything wrong, like dump out a whole bag of cereal while mom was trying to do 8 loads of laundry that I should say, "I'm sorry," then say, "but it's ok?"

6. I turned 3 years old on December 9.

7. I like to sneak into mom and dad's bed in the middle of the night.

8. I had my first pony ride on Christmas day.

I think I am pretty cute.

Thanks, Ella! That was fun.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quietly Creeping Towards the Holidays

Last week's sickness has been hanging on for dear life and I have still been exhausted much of the week. But, that's ok, because we leave for Disney on Saturday! That being said, the kids aren't getting much for Christmas this year, which is just as well since our bank account is hovering near the red. I'd like to pick them up one more thing a piece, but it will probably wait till one day when we are in Disney and involve one of the adults sneaking back into a store to grab a special have to have item.

With all that being said, this will probably be my very last post of 2007.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How do you choose?

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Still here, barely.

I have been fighting a sinus infection which was extending into my ears and progressing into bronchitus for the past 4 days, and I still feel like I've been run over by a truck. I'm waiting for everyone to get back from lunch and I am going back home and back to bed.

As such, here are some pics from Shey's 3rd birthday. He had a lot of fun.

Birthday Boy 2


Happy Birthday to You

Eating Cake

Family Photo 3

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

All Bubbly Inside

Today when I went to the school to help my reader, T, the first thing she asked me was, "Where were you last week?" I explained about my grandfather dying and that I had to go to Alabama for a few days. She understood, but I was a little annoyed that her teacher hadn't let her know I wasn't coming. The annoyance was quickly overshadowed as I watched as T took an AR test, and then we decorated a couple of small trees that her teacher had brought in. She skipped around the room and complimented me on my mad decorating skills.

As the class came inside from recess and T went to her seat, the teacher stopped me and said with a big smile, "I don't know what you did, but T loves reading now. It's like night and day."

If that doesn't make your heart swell with happiness, I just don't know what will.