Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For the First Time in Five Years

I have gotten a string of pretty good night's sleep. For if one good thing happened from Shey having three cavities, it is that I took away his nightly middle of the night juice fest. After the first couple of nights of only being offered water, Shey apparently decided he would rather sleep through the night than bug me. And the heavens parted and a lovely voice came down singing Alleluia! I may be on my way to functioning like a normal human being.

I bought my first post surgery underwire bra the other day and will wonders never cease, it actually fits me as the manufacturers intended. Meaning, the band fits in the middle of my back rather than up around my neck, and the wires between my cleavage actually touch my body rather than hovering a couple of inches out. Can I say again how much I love my new breasts? One day, I will get around to taking an after photo, and I may share them with you.

I just finished reading Buddha by Deepok Chapra. It's a fictionalized account of Buddha's life beginning when he was a small boy prince and his journey to enlightenment. Very interesting, especially if you have no knowledge of Buddha, which I didn't. Besides Buddhism, it's just an interesting read.

Larry's out of town, so I have the kids. Thankfully, tomorrow is Thursday already.


Chelle said...

It sounds like the surgery was a total success! My SIL had it done a few years back and she wonders why she didn't have it done sooner; such was the improvment in her back problems. I don't have back problems but I wouldn't mind surgery to lift the girls up a bit; you know, before I have knee problems from them bouncing off my kneecaps.

Dixie said...

I'm so glad you are happy with the boobs! Don't you love being able to buty pretty bras?!?