Thursday, March 29, 2007

Applying the Law

My life is pretty full right now. I’m shoulder deep in reading about the Law of Attraction and it really is fascinating. I purchased the mid-pack from the Wealth Beyond Reason program, which contains 4 or 5 ebooks on the subject as well as some audio interviews and seminars. The further I get into it and learn about it, the more I see how it correlates with all the good I’ve learned about God. The books don’t deny this either. They basically say this is the science to prove what Christians have always known about the nature of God. They even quote Jesus. The biggest impact this has made on my life is focus. Up until now, I’ve floated. Not for everything. But overall, I’ve pretty much remained neutral. I never go too high, or sink too low with my feelings. By seeing this information that I already knew on a deeper level presented in a new light, I’ve soaked it in. I’m becoming more grateful and expressing it more freely. I feel more generous with my time and money.

Quick story. I made a mistake in my check register, I forgot to deduct my mortgage. Ha ha Seriously, hello, and I wondered why we had so much money in the account. So, anyway, I’m bebopping around enjoying this extra money we had. I log into my account and see, whoops, that money’s not really there, and my bank had to pay some things and of course they charged me some fees. So I calmly go through the statement and find my mistake. I’m grateful I caught it so soon, because really, that could have been disasterous! I call the bank and explain it to them and they agree to credit back one of the charges. Great. I know it was my fault, and that’s better than nothing. Later that afternoon, I’m driving to the mall and I pass a man who is homeless and works with Homeless Voice (they wear these t-shirts to distinquish them, I think the city helps them out, or something). Something strikes me and I grab my change and give it to him. He thanks me, says God bless and gives me the flyer that they pass out.

Monday comes and I check my bank account and notice that they haven’t credited my account for the one charge. I call them and speak with a rep. She doesn’t see anything in their system about the credit, but tells me to hold on. She comes back a second later and says, “I can give you credit for two of the charges.” Ah, do you see!?!

Before I would have gotten all stressed out about the check mistake and then been in a bad mood for the rest of the day, ignoring the homeless man. Instead, I chose to be grateful that I caught the mistake before it was worse. I didn’t worry because I knew we had the money to transfer over to cover the charges, and I cheerfully helped someone in need.

One of the concepts that A Happy Pocket Full of Money stresses is the biblical principle of not worrying about tomorrow that it will take care of itself. All there is is NOW. You never even get to the future, because then it will be NOW. There is no need for worry and stress. Right NOW you are ok. Any of your problems have already been solved. This is a big idea that I am striving to incorporate into my life so that I don’t even think about it anymore.

Imagine a stress and worry free life.

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Chelle said...

This is so timely, that is pretty much what I heard from an astrologist yesterday; not to waste energy worrying about future financial matters but to concentrate on nurturing myself and others TODAY. Awesome!