Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Month Ten

Whoa Baby,

It hit me the other day that you are almost ONE YEAR OLD already. I admit, I was a little sad. Even though I try and stop everyday and soak in the moment, I find I already can't remember how tiny you were, and the days I spent holding you in my arms for hours at a time are fuzzy memories. You are so, so busy now that I can't even imagine you sitting still for a minute, much less an hour.

This month, you started clapping, waving bye-bye, and shaking your head no. The one surprise to me was you didn't start walking, even though you stand on your own all the time and push random objects around. I promise I'm not rushing you, but learning to walk would be nice. You're loath to sit in your stroller for long and walking would alleviate a little of this aggravation when it's not safe to crawl. It's ok though, take your time.

Another sweet thing you do is lie your head on pillows, pretending to go night-night. And you've started showing us more deliberate signs of affection, like lying your head on our shoulders or trying to give kisses.

Everything still goes in your mouth and I'm constantly fishing random things from between your cheeks and teeth. It doesn't matter how often I vacuum, you still find that one little piece of dirt.

You're so smart, baby girl, already. Curious and vocal, the light of our lives. Even when I get a little overwhelmed, I still thank God everyday for choosing me to be your mama.

I love you, Little Bit.

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