Saturday, November 12, 2011

Month Seven

My Baby Girl,

Oh my, this was a busy month! First you learned to sit up all on your own.

And then as soon as you mastered that, you decided it wasn't enough, so you started to crawl!

And now you won't stay still. What happened to the supposed time where I could put you down with some toys and actually get things done around the house without you following after me or heading for the computer cord? I should have known you would be an early mover. You are fascinated with your brothers and no one makes you laugh or holds your attention like they do.

The time change and learning all this new stuff has really done a number on your napping schedule, so we're suffering through some nights as well, but I think we'll get it worked out soon. You're eating more too and I may try to add a couple of finger foods this month to hold your attention. You sure do eye our food all the time.

You've taught me so much, baby girl, in these seven short months. To slow down, enjoy the little day to day things and to be a better mother for you and your brothers. I enjoy every day with you, my sweet.

Love, Mama


tamara said...

That last paragraph made me cry... I can't believe how much she's changed and grown! Love you!

carrie said...

So sweet! He little smile just makes me melt.