Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Month Six

Dear Ellie Raine,

You turned 6 months old this week. SIX MONTHS! Half a year already. Life is getting more and more fun. You're laughter is contagious and you will give anyone a smile.

You're starting to sit up on your own and you love to play with toys already. I can lay you on your floor and you'll be content for 30 or so minutes just rolling around and banging on various things.

This month, within days of each other, two little bottom teeth popped up. Thankfully, you weren't too cranky and they came in pretty quick. You're eating about 6 or 7 different foods right now and you'd rather eat sometimes than take a bottle.

Sleeping has been a little hit or miss lately. Sometimes you will sleep a 10 hour stretch and then sometimes, you'll still get up for a bottle. Maybe I should let you cry a little, but I just can't bring myself too.

You are definitely ready to go. I won't be surprised if you're an early crawler. You already get up on all fours and rock and you're pretty good at scooting around to get where you want to go.

I love you, baby girl. With all my heart.


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