Monday, February 14, 2011

Precious Moments

As many of you know, on Friday, the 4th, Larry and I took the boys to view their little sister in 3D. Oh, Peyton, as to be expected, was less than thrilled with the prospect as he wanted to go to a friend's house instead. I, though, was bound a determined to make it a family event. Peyton was too little when I had Shey's 3D ultrasound done and I think Larry was at work, so I was all alone at the viewing. Knowing this is our last child, and the boys being the age they are, I wanted everyone to be there. I had an image in my mind, a sweet family affair, pictures on a screen that would help make this more real for them and even for me.

We arrived at the 3D site right on time and as we were the only ones there, were taken right back. I had drank a coke on the way over to insure Baby Girl would be awake and moving. The room was large and the company had a projector screen on the wall so everyone could see.

Needless to say, though, the event wasn't wrapped in a haze of perfectness like in my daydreams.

Shey was definitely more interested in jumping around in front of the screen casting shadows than actually watching the event. Larry was on the couch across the room from me, so although I'm sure he enjoyed the show, I didn't feel very close to him. Baby girl had her arm in front of her face for the first few minutes and then she face planted into her placenta for the next 10. (That still kinda grosses me out, natural as it may be. EWWWWWW) The tech pushed and prodded and tried to tilt baby's head in order to caption some good shots. And we did get those awww shots, the experience just didn't quite match. ;)

With all that going on, it was Peyton who made the experience so precious to me. The boy who I believe someday may be the death of me, was the sweetest one that night.

He laid down beside me on the bed and we watched his little sister move and smile with our fingers entwined. And while, I'll never forget seeing that baby girl on the screen, I'll always treasure the memory of my oldest child's warm body next to mine.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely perfect. He has the biggest heart and I'm so proud of him and for you.
Love you baby,

Kristin said...

So sweet. My biggest boy held my hand today while we were out just the two of us. That's rare these days - and I loved it.

tamara said...

They can always pull it out when you least expect it and when you need it most! :)

carrie said...

Those older boys can really warm your heart sometimes. I can just picture it now. Sweet memories from your oldest and youngest.