Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bedroom Remodel and Some Random Photos

I have FINALLY figured out how to really use the macro function on my camera and have been enjoying using it lately.

These are the wild roses that bloom on a random bush we received from Larry's aunt and uncle.

This is one of our cats and this is pretty much what they do ALL DAY LONG. Larry frequently says that he wants to come back as our cats. ha

About a year and a half ago, Larry and I went out and bought grown up furniture for our bedroom and I finally have decided to "remodel" our bedroom in an effort to have one room totally decorated. Here's an overview.

And yes, I need to buy a comforter for the bed, but I've been putting it off. The dark brown "cover" is actually a throw I bought from Wal-mart for the couch, but it was so cold this winter, that it was turned into a makeshift blanket for the bed.

I bought this great vinyl tree from e-bay and then the little frames came from Wal-mart for $1.50. This is the first photo Larry and I took together on my first trip to see him.

I finally replaced the $20.00 lamps I bought at Wal-mart about 12 years ago with these from Home Goods. They look so much better in our room than the glass ones we had before.

This mirror, we got from Larry's uncle a long time ago and I spray painted it a dark brown. It was a gold color and really didn't match, but I always liked it. My mom calls it the Magic Mirror from Snow White. I bought the vinyl words above the bed from Target. Awwww, aren't they sweet and actually a good reminder to never go to bed angry.

And finally, this candle is great! I smelled it first in a local restaurant that Larry and I love and after asking around, I found out they bought it at Publix! You have to get the Cinnamon Buns scent though. It's smells so good without being overly sweet and it's only $9.99.

So there we go, a little upgrade to our bedroom. I really love it though and I'm looking around for a comforter to finish it off.


Amanda said...

So cute! You do have a grown up room. I love all the vinyl words and tree. So modern! Oh and the different angles of your pics are great!!

Chelle said...

I can almost smell that rose, great picture! And I love your bedroom :)

Rebecca said...

I love your room! We have new furniture being delivered next week for our bedroom. Up until now, we have been using my parent's old furniture. Your room is a great inspiration!

tamara said...

Love the new furniture... love the upholstered headboard! Maybe one day we'll have real furniture for our bedroom...

SuZ said...

I swear, one day Jeremy and I will have a grown up room without babies and toys!!!`

carrie said...

It must be the time for us to grow up. You have a beautiful, modern, grown-up room. Rebecca said she is getting furniture delivered and we are about to purchase a new bed. Funny how new bedroom furniture and washers and dryers excite us now!