Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Taken from The Glamorous Life.

First memory: Being dropped off at the babysitter's and I had to poop, but I didn't know the lady well enough to get my hiney wiped. I remember the bathroom, but not sure what happened after that.

First celebrity obsession crush: Corey Feldman - Such a shame he turned into such a weirdo.

First dog: Strider - A doberman mix

First cat: Poppy

First memory of being jealous: I'm not sure. I'm sure it had something to do with a boy liking someone besides me.

First ‘boy friend’: Jordan Norman in 6th grade. I remember holding hands in chapel and covering it up so no one would see.

First kiss: Jason Elliot a week or so before my 15th birthday. It was nasty.

First date: Movies at Tamara's house with the above nasty kisser. (Fifel Goes West. ha ha)

First sleepover: I was always having friends over and it started in 1st grade. Kerry Sewell would have been my first friend to stay over.

First time attending Sunday School: um, as a baby

First roller coaster ride: American Scream Machine at 6 Flags over Georgia

First favorite brand name: I think Guess, but I didn't have any of their jeans.

First pair of legwarmers: Never!

First huge misunderstanding: 6th grade at our class lock-in. My BFFs got mad at me for hanging out with other people (?!?!) and we were mad at each other through 6th grade graduation.

First cell phone: I honestly don't remember. I remember my mom getting one, but not mine.

First computer: An HP in 1997.

First huge disappointment: I'm sure it happened 6th grade year. That was an emotional turmoil of a year.

First Regret: Not going away for college

First big family vacation: We went to the beach a lot growing up. Probably the first really big trip though with my parents was to Disney a couple of years ago.

First trip to Europe: Hasn't happened yet.

First heartbreak: ohhhh, Robert, Robert, Robert.

First stay in the hospital: 2002 when Peyton was born

First car: Baby Blue Toyota Corolla hatchback. But it had a sunroof!

First license: On my 16th Birthday. The emergency brake didn't work, so we had to take it to the shop first.

First Convertible: Larry's Volvo C70 in midnight blue.

First ‘mom’ car: Ford Explorer

First time on an ATC/Quad: Probably when I was 15 or so?

First job: A gift wrapper for the holidays

First paycheck: see above, or the numerous baby-sitting jobs beforehand

First apartment: in Montgomery. Taylor Crossing apartments, I think.

First house: in Coral Springs, the one we are in now.

First husband: Larry and only


tamara said...

Do you remember when you left the sunroof open on Baby Blue and it rained?? Oh, Fivel Goes West... and too bad I wasn't there in 6th grade. Oh, never mind... I was in another state having an equally crappy year. Sweet memories...

Rebecca said...

I don't remember anyone being mad at each other during 6th grade graduation. Probably because I was in my own little world.