Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Living in South Florida, we don't have real pumpkin patches, but we do have nice churches who set up pumpkins in their yards with hay and scarecrows for the kids to visit. Tuesday was Shey's first field trip to the pumpkin patch and I was able to go along. The kids had a great time.

On another note, for those of you who have been following my cryptic messages on Facebook, here's the short story.

My cycles have been getting increasingly wacky and last week I took a pregnancy test in order to call my doctor and tell him I needed some medication to bring on Aunt Flo. Well, low and behold, the test came back positive, faint, but there. I was in shock because while we weren't really protecting against, we weren't trying either and it took us a while to get pregnant with both the boys. I tested again a couple of days later and the line was still light, really light. I went in for a blood test and it came back positive, but just barely and my estrogen was high. I went back yesterday to test again, but last night I finally got my period. It seems I had a chemical pregnancy, and I am guessing that the egg never implanted.

What a roller coaster, from shock to excitement to extreme dissapointment. Like all heartaches, this is one you can't really understand till it happens to you. I'm kinda numb now and also thankful that I wasn't any farther along. I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

So now we are left with the decision to go forward full blown, or to back off. Or I guess we could just go with the flow like we were, but that was a bit nerve wracking. If I am going to go forward, I would like it to happen before my birthday in April, which would put the baby 6 years behind Shey! Crazy! I don't think I'd want them to be any farther apart.

So there's that. Thank you all for your prayers, from the friends who knew and from the friends who didn't. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful support staff and I love you all.


tamara said...

I am happy to be a member of your "support staff"!! I love you!! Take your time and pray about it, and I know you'll be able to make the right decision for you and your family!

SuZ said...

Oh wow... Honey... I can't imagine going through that. Just know we love you and you're in our thoughts.

Chelle said...

I think you should go for it. The disapointment you feel is a pretty fair indicator of how much you would like to have another baby and, you know, age differences are relative; it all depends on attitude.

Still crossing my appendages for you :)

carrie said...

I am so sorry. As I read this, my heart fell and tears ran. I know what you are feeling. I will say extra prayers for you. I love you, Erika! You know that God will help you in this journey, as tough as it is!

Kristin said...

I am so sorry and will be praying for you. When Scott and Shannon had their 3rd boy, the other two were 11 and 7. Sometimes what doesn't seem to make sense to us makes perfect sense to God (I'm speaking of the age difference here). I'll pray for God to reveal what He wants for you. I'm sorry you are hurting.