Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have been reading Looky Daddy for at least a year now and while I may not always agree with his views, he almost always makes me laugh. Except for now. His oldest daughter Kathryn was diagnosed with epilepsy 9 months ago and the seizures have been getting progressively stronger and longer. She is in the hospital now for further testing and I just can't imagine how scary for all of them this must be.

Differences aside, we are all parents loving and worrying about our kids. The Internet can be a wonderful place, one that thousands of people draw stength from in dark times like these. Even though I will probably never meet this dad, he and his family are in my prayers and I'm hoping you will add them to yours.

Larry and I are so blessed to have two healthy children. I know I am going to hug my boys a little tighter tonight and say an extra prayer of thanks.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Pig Roasting

In about 26 hours, our house will be overflowing with 60 adults and children celebrating this great country of ours. There will be a water slide, the pool will be open, the new swing set in use and a pig roasting in this lovely box I put together Tuesday night.

"Us" putting together the roasting box

Hope everyone has as much fun as I anticipate having. Stay safe!