Monday, November 10, 2008

Pimping Carrie

Carrie hasn't been around much the past month or so, but for good reason . . . they have a new precious baby boy, Jackson, in the house. It's amazing how a little one that can't do much of anything yet can keep you so incredible busy. :)

Add Carrie to the list of friends that I've reconnected with from high school. Carrie has such a sweet and gentle spirit with a great sense of humor. Her whole family, mom, dad and brother, are all genuine people and my mom and her mom have remained friends through e-mail even after they moved away from Montgomery. How my mom wished that I would date her older brother! It's funny to think about now and how different my life would be had she gotten her wish.

Unfortunately since we live so far apart, I've not had the chance to meet Carrie's husband and two boys, but I can only imagine that they are as sweet and giving as Carrie. Carrie is one of those people that if you ever needed anything, she would jump to help.

Go say hello to Carrie and oohh and ahhh over that cute little boy!


SuZ said...

Whatta good pimp you are!

carrie said...

Thanks for the sweet words! It is weird to think that we could have been sister-in-laws.