Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Updates Galore

Now that I have dragged myself up from the dregs of sickness hell, I can provide updates for the recent events around here. I know you have all been on the edge of your seats.

First off, I spoke with Jim this morning and he sounded good albeit tired and still in a lot of pain. His blood levels are doing good and his kidneys seem to be picking up again, so they have quit dialysis for now. They have started physical therapy on his upper body and leg. The past couple of days, they have had him out of bed and sitting in a chair in his room. He still can't put any weight on the damaged leg, but is hopeful that by next week they will have him out of ICU and in the rehab hospital.

He is a bit overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and help that has come his and his families way since all this started. He truly is a wonderful man and friend. I couldn't ask for a better boss. Thank you again for all your continued prayers.

Next, I finally met with the principal today at Peyton's school and I think it went really well. He listened to my concerns, read the letter Ms G wrote and agreed with a lot of my issues. We also talked about Peyton and the type of personality he has. The Principal brought up Peyton's placement for next year before I did and told me he would make note to make sure he was placed with someone with the experience to work with a child like Peyton. He told me he would speak with the teacher and let me know how it went and if there were any concerns regarding Peyton's progress.

Yesterday when I was looking through Peyton's backpack I saw his reading list and the teacher's name was now Ms. G. When I asked Peyton about it, he told me they had dropped his reading level. In the course of the year, he has gone from the third level, up to the fourth level, back to the third level and now dropped to the second level. I'm not thrilled with Ms. G being is reading teacher as well now, especially with her grammatical issues and her appearant inability to provide Peyton with the structure he needs. I'm worried that Peyton's high frustration level and impatience is starting to affect his schoolwork and learning already.

I'm wondering if I should make an appointment with his pediatrician to have him tested? I wonder if it is an attention problem, or just an impulse problem? Is that the same? Anyway, all you gals with older children and my teacher friends, let me know what you think.


carrie said...

I would say to talk to the teacher about the problems, but she does not seem to have a lot going for her! Attention and impulse problems can go hand and hand. They also can happen seperately. I can give you more information if you want it. Just let me know. I can try to help if you want it since I have taught a lot of students with these difficulties.

tamara said...

I am so glad you spoke with the principal. I think you might wait and see how he does next year with (hopefully!) a better teacher. If he continues to decline or shows trouble, look into it. But a lot of his issues probably stem from the bad situation he is in presently. He will be okay though, I am sure, because he has a great mom who is being proactive about his education!!