Monday, July 02, 2007

Weekend Warriors

Oh, the weekend, she was busy

First, we finished the flower/shrub area under the bay window.

Then, we broke our bed (dirty jokes are actually appropriate, go us!)

Notice how my side slopes downward. Here's a close up.

See the wood frame on the floor? yeah, it's not supposed to be there.

Let's see, then last night, I installed a shower door in the guest bathroom.

The workers were busy Saturday in the bathroom also. It's doesn't look like it, but they are making progress. The frame for the tub is in and they started the tile work there and in the shower.

Last week, we had the interior painted. Here's the color in the living room. I love it. Several walls are this chocolate brown color and the other walls are a light coffee with heavy cream color.

And, this wasn't from this weekend, but here are a couple of gratuitous pics of the boys at the beach.

And on one further note, here's a funny for you. The other week, I grabbed some lotion out of one of the boxes where our master bath is stored and rubbed it on my legs. It was really thick, but the bottle said it was with Shea Butter for extra whatever, so I just thought it was extra moisturizing. I've used it a few times since and even moved it to the counter of the guest bathroom for easier access. Last night, Larry pointed to it and said, "Is that what you've been using?" I confirmed and he said, "Isn't that body wash?" and sure enough, it was. No wonder the stuff took forever to rub in. ha At least I was clean.


Chelle said...

Renovations SUCK. But, completed renovations are da bomb. Hang in there!

Dixie said...

Go you! Installing a shower door and redoing the flower bed!

Cute kiddies!!